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David Brandt


Currently, I am looking at series of cool digital startups and companies, which need an advisor and investor. I work with my partners at Keystones and CVX Ventures.

My background is within online sales, marketing and IT management since 1996.
Entrepreneur: Founded and operated a SaaS company from 2018. Sold the company and left it in 2023. 
Investor: Investor in mainly IT companies since 2005. Owner of David Brandt Holding.
Advisor: Board Member in a handful of companies since 1995. Advisor in countless digital projects, teams, and companies. I specialize in aiding businesses with digital and communication strategies.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn. Perhaps you are working with AI, SaaS, QaaS, or e-commerce?

David Brandt
Investor and Advisor, David Brandt Holding



  1. INVESTOR / ADVISOR  •  Boosting startups and other companies, since 1995
  2. 1001 BILER  •  SaaS entrepreneur, Founder, Owner and CEO, 2018-23
  3. ASG, AUTO IT  •  Building SaaS products for the car industry, 2022-24
  4. POBRA  •  Share holder and Board Member, since 1997
  5. MAERSK  •  Digital Advisor on the project, 2015-16
  6. LEGO  •  Digital Advisor, four big websites w. games, videos and UX, 2013-15
  7. ALM. BRAND, TELMORE, CALLME  •  Online Sales Manager, P.M., 1996-2012
1001 BILER - Five years


In 2018, I founded the SaaS company 1001 BILER. It is an online car leasing company, and behind the nice frontend, I created an advanced algorithm with big data for instant price calculations. 
We were a small team, and our customers loved our product.
As an entrepreneur, I built the business from idea and concept to a full company.
In 2022, I sold the company, and in 2023, we celebrated the company's birthday and the progress we made together.