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David Brandt


Hi, and thank you for visiting my website.
I am David Brandt, and I have a passion for digital business, that makes an impact on people's lives. I have 26 years of experience in building digital businesses, advising and as board member. This includes five years as digital entrepreneur.

I am a part of a network of investors. We invest with wise money, and we will take an active role guiding you to boost your business.

If you have a digital startup, perhaps I can assist you on your journey?
1.  You have SaaS business or a strong digital focus.
2.  Your team includes dedicated digital specialists/developers.
3.  You have a proof of concept and a scalable business model.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn

David Brandt
Board Member, Advisor and Investor



  1. INVESTING WITH NETWORK  •  Part of a network of digital investors.
  2. 1001 BILER  •  Founder, Owner and Director since 2018.
  3. BILSYSTEMET  •  A part of the 1001 BILER story.
  4. POBRA  •  Share holder and Board Member for 27 years.
  5. MAERSK LINE  •  Digital Advisor on the Mearsk website.
  6. LEGO  •  Digital Advisor on several websites, games, videos, UX and more.
  7. ALM. BRAND, EGMONT, TELMORE, CALLME AND MANY MORE  •  Digital Specialist, Online Sales Manager, PM. etc. since 1996    
1001 BILER - Five years


The last five years as a digital entrepreneur, I builded the business from idea and concept. In 2018, I founded 1001 BILER - a digital car leasing company with several unique digital services. In 2022, I sold the company, and today I am Director/Advisor.